Dental Sedation for Patients With Special Needs

Dental Sedation for Patients With Special Needs

Posted by DENTIST OF MIAMI & ORTHODONTICS on Jan 18 2022, 10:37 PM

Dental Sedation for Patients With Special Needs

Special needs patients include those who suffer from conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Down's syndrome, and other genetic disorders.  These patients most often cannot sit calmly through a dental appointment, follow directions, and overcome their fears or anxiety relating to a dental visit. 

Therefore, they need a little extra care to ensure they can handle the dental procedure well and thus maintain their oral health. Sedation is an effective tool that is used in dentistry to manage such patients. 

If you are looking for dental care for someone with special needs, contact the Dentist of Miami and Orthodontics in Miami, Florida.

Types of Sedation Options

There are various sedation options for special needs patients, including:

  • Conscious Sedation

This type of sedation uses a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen which is inhaled through a mask by the patient. It has a soothing effect on the mind and the body. 

With nitrous oxide, the patient never loses consciousness and is alert and awake the whole time. Conscious sedation is safe for patients of all ages and can help relieve dental anxiety especially for children with special needs. 

  • Oral Sedation 

Oral sedation involves taking a prescribed sedative orally before the procedure. This helps calm the patient. Oral sedatives are perfect for patients with special needs who struggle to follow directions or are unable to sit still. It allows the dentist to carry out the required procedures safely. 

  • IV Sedation

IV sedation is administered intravenously. The dentist adjusts the level of sedation depending on the patient’s needs to reduce the risk of complications. The choice of drug used depends on the patient’s age, other medical conditions, and tolerance. IV sedation is quick-acting and recommended for special needs patients. 

  • General Anesthesia 

General anesthesia is used when the patient requires extensive dental work and cannot be administered other forms of sedation. The patient is completely asleep and can feel no pain or discomfort while under general anesthesia. Specially-trained anesthesia professionals administer the medication and monitor the patient while the dentist performs the dental procedure. 

If you are concerned about the dental care of someone with special needs, contact the Dentist of Miami and Orthodontics by calling (305) 290-4999 or visit our office at 15790 SW 56th St, Miami, FL 33185.

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