Get the White Smile of Your Dreams With Teeth Whitening

Get the White Smile of Your Dreams With Teeth Whitening

Posted by Dentist of Miami & Orthodontics on Apr 26 2021, 09:38 AM

Get the White Smile of Your Dreams With Teeth Whitening

Having pretty, pearl-like teeth is an asset to one’s smile. But not everyone is lucky with a beautiful set of teeth. Most of us have stains or discoloration in our teeth that occurs as a result of various factors, including genetics, age, eating practices, or smoking habits.

What is Teeth Whitening?

It is a quick, non-invasive method of restoring the natural color of the teeth’ surface. Here, teeth whiteners are used to whiten the teeth by removing dirt and debris in them and making them white. Teeth whitening may sometimes lighten your teeth’s existing shade. But it is not as same as teeth bleaching, where the teeth are whitened beyond the natural color.

What are the Various Whitening Options?

  • In-Office Whitening

This teeth whitening procedure will be carried out by a dentist or a trained dental technician, as the name suggests. At first, your gums will be covered using a paint-on rubber dam. It is basically a resin paste that will act as a shield for your gums from chemical agents used in the whitening procedure. Then a high concentration of peroxide gel is applied to your teeth. It will be removed after 15 to minute intervals, and the dentist will check whether the teeth retained the whiteness or not. This will be repeated till all the stains or discolorations are removed, reaching the intended whiteness.

This procedure is the most secure, fast, and effective teeth whitening method; thus, it costs more than other options in this list.

  • Professionally Dispensed Take-Home Kits

Here, professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits recommended by dentists are used. These kits contain peroxide gel of low concentration. So, Instead of 15 minutes in the in-office procedure, you have to apply this to the teeth and keep them for one hour or more. Don’t worry. It won’t affect our oral health. You can make use of bleaching trays for gum protection.  

  • Over-the-Counter Products

It is the cheapest teeth whitening method out there. You can buy teeth whitening products right from stores and apply them at home at your convenience. Note that it is less effective than the other two options since it contains a very low percentage of whitening agents compared to the other two options.

Remember, teeth whitening results are usually subjective, and it does not offer extreme whiteness to the teeth. It retains your natural teeth color or may make it lighter by a few shades.

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